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NVAA 2018 Fall Female Classic Sale Offerings

Lot # Anm Tag Anm Birth Date Reg No. Name  
14 704 03/16/17 18782424 GLC MA 2078 704 AI Bred to Early Bird for a 2/27/2019 heifer
22 7X1 01/19/17 18689179 MA 7X1 of MA 4Q8 of Gar 3371 AI Bred to Niagara for a 12/21/2018 heifer
24 6TX1 12/01/16 18742052 GLC MA 6TX1 of Daybreak 2078 AI Bred to Velocity for an 11/4/2018 bull
18 7L1 2/9/17 19023564 MA 7L1 Absolute of MA 3I3 Bull bred to MA 6G2 of MA 4TX1 for an early April 2019 heifer
8 7071 09/01/17 18933928 GLC MA Sure Fire 5E1 7071 Sells open

Above will be sold on October 27, 2018 - 12 noon
at the NVAA 2018 Fall Female Classic Sale
Woodside Farm South, New Market, VA
Contact: Craig Miller 540-820-9818 or Jerry Gustin 804-654-4135

Story of a Bull

Story of a Bull

When you see one of our bulls in the sale ring or in the pens before the sale, we would ask you to stop and think about the fact that what you see is the product of considerable genetic planning that took place over two years earlier. In addition to considering frame sizes and phenotype compatibility, we use an EPD projection worksheets for every mating we make, both ET and AI. We also run the numbers for inbreeding and relationship coefficients to ensure the bloodlines are not too close. Our objectives are to breed cattle that meet or excel in the traits of economic importance. We breed for cattle that are born easily, grow quickly and ultimately produce a carcass that will grade choice or higher.
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